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Version 3.0

What's new in this version?


* Kernel: It depends on the model will be one version or another. (Modified and optimized by Javilonas)

* Enigma2: 18-09-2016

* Open Source:

* Image: OpenLD - 18-09-2016

* BusyBox: v1.24.1 (optimized by javilonas)

* Drivers: The most current.

* Skin Default: "MetrixHD for OpenLD"

* Webinterface: OpenWebif Version OWIF 0.4.9 (Update)

* Distro version: OpenLD - 3.0

* Expert mode enabled by default

* It keeps the Original OpenLD BootLogo

* Multiple changes Enigma2 (Several Bugs Fixed)

* GStreamer 1.9.0 (git)

* Add llmnrd, python-beautifulsoup and python-html for default.

* Update Multiple plugins in addons.

* By default brings drivers for smsc75xx, rt3573, rt5572, rt73, asix, rt3070, ax88179-178a and rtl8192cu

* Changes in the EPG system for 3 days (for 7 days use EPGImport or CrossEPG - Not included by default -).

* The channel list updated with new bouquets and updating.

* Update satellites.xml

* Update terrestrial.xml

* Update cables.xml

* Add atsc.xml

* New options to create, delete or save the EPG.

* Reorganize blue panel with improved real-time information and other fixes.

* New function to remove the flashing dashed line (VBI).

* Enhanced the information systems channel coding information.

* New settings for NTP (Now it is selectable by Country).

* Fixed problem with OpenLD picons in each restart the external directory is automatically detected and mounted.

* Fixes in Mediaplayer and Moviecenter.

* Redesigning the default skin style remains modifiable to everyone's taste, but the initial setup will display the default miniTV and picons service + InfoBar.

* On the change of channel support from the channel list, you need to press the OK button 2 times (that is configurable to taste).

* You can disable and leave like as in previous versions.

* Improvements in the EPG LIST (Infobar, graphic, etc.).

* New options for recording and timeshift.

* The default InfoBase is displayed for 8 seconds (the time is increased).

* Improvements to decode http streams incoming/outgoing.

* Improvements to audio AC3 / DTS.

* Improvements to subtitles.

* Video initial configuration optimized default. (Still configurable to taste).

* Enhancements channel search as well as arrangements for the use of the motor.

* Improvements in the common interface.

* Reduced the size of the texts in much of the skin.

* There may be faults with the current skin and uncommon softcams, if it is the case please report it for later settlement in next updates.

* I'm still digging With dvbsnoop for new pid table for titles in Movistar+, in next updates will be back 7 days for MHW2. Sorry :(

* Can I forget something, anyway, all changes are in the git OpenLD.

* Fixed all reports read on the forum.

* If you are satisfied with my work, you can donate by paypal for a beer or one cofee ;)

* It is very likely that I forget many things.


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